Sunday, February 1, 2009

You Should Be So Filled With The Majesty of Christ That You Could Put a King In Your Pocket

Daniel and I went to Grace Community Church this morning, as usual. However, it wasn't the usual service. Iain Murray ( from Lancashire, England. Founder of the Banner of Truth Trust) was guest speaking. He was here for the celebration of John MacArthur Jr's 40 years of ministry at Grace Comm. Church. Iain Murray preached on Colossians 1:26-27. The theme was the mystery of Christ revealed to the nations and to each individual's heart. Christ in You! Good stuff. Very honoring to the Lord.
And today's music was exceptional! Beautiful choir voices, and gorgeous classical music.

After church, we grabbed sandwiches and headed over to Griffith Park. We ate our lunch in the warm sunshine, listened to African drum beats in the distance, watched the children play tag and play ball. What a beautiful day. It felt good to kick off our shoes and feel nature's carpet of clovers in between our toes. We made plans to do the same next Sunday. I'm looking forward to laying down on a blanket, resting my eyes, letting the sun blush my face, sipping on chilled lemonade, watching the clouds drift by, and being in the arms of the love of my life, my husband. ( and maybe a little frisbee too) Summer in February, what a world, what a world.... Los Angeles, there's no where like it.

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