Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cedros Avenue-The Design District- Solana Beach

Tuesday Shmoozday....

Back in LA from a lovely long weekend in San Diego.

Last Thursday night we headed south to San Diego. We stayed with Daniel's parents in their beautiful house.

We love spending time down there.

It was so fun seeing the family, eating amazingly good food, and just relaxing. Perfect weekend in my eyes!

Yesterday my mother in law and I headed over to Solana Beach to check out Cedros Ave- the Design District.
There are some awesome shops over there.
These were my top favorite places...

The David Alan Collection


Leaping Lotus

The creativity is bursting on that street left and right!

It's such a fun place to explore and to find numerous amounts of inspiration.

I wish Cedros Avenue was closer to us up here in LA!

Oh well, it's a great excuse to go back down to San Diego!! :)

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