Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Daniel and I are both sick. And we're sick and tired or getting each other sick. What an absolutley ridiculously terrible cycle this is. Ugh. Achoooo cough cough sniffle cough sniffle hoooonnnkkkk (blowing of the nose) achoooooooooo. Enough!

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Keith said...

Get well.

Speaking of sneezing ...

There’s a new way to respond to a sneeze that carries across a room and down the hall. It creates a whole new phenomenon when several people do it at the same time. You might not want word of it to reach your school or office, but there may be no way to stop it. All you may be able to do is delete this comment so you don’t contribute to the spread of the GAZOON HIGH TWIZZLE. See it in animation at GazoonHighTwizzle.com